Kingmaker 4th Edition Recap; OR, How That Vampire Noble Has Been Working Out

Unexpectedly, most of the new(est) players couldn’t make it, and our half-elf ranger never showed up, so it was down to:

  • my character, Devon Surtova, the vampire nobleman,
  • Ašra, Dragonborn Paladin of Bahamut,
  • Nara, the shifter Druid,
  • and newcomer Alebeard Axebeak, dwarven warpriest of Kord, as played by our DMs father.

We all met up at Oleg’s place and had our introductions with the cleric, and then had a look at a number of posters advertising things that Oleg and crew wanted killed. Kobolds, some giant scaly worm-like thing (I have it on good authority that they’re called “tazylwyrms,”) a massive boar that had given hunters trouble for some time, and (of course) bandits.

We set out exploring after escorting a cleric (or possibly Druid, it’s hard to be sure) of Avandra to the temple we’d cleared out a few sessions back. The trip to the temple was mostly uneventful, though some mites tried to steal our goods while Devon was on watch – they frightened easily enough, though, and there was no need for violence. Yet.

So from there, as I said, we struck out for new territory. We stumbled on some elven ruins in a swamp (“if they built more like dwarves, there’d be more left,” Alebeard informed us, and many jokes about elves foolish enough to build stone buildings in a swamp ensued.) There were some faded inscriptions, but nothing readable – Devon copied them out into his journal, regardless – and a hidden cache of gold and gems indicated that someone had been there recently. After discussing the issue, we opted to hide and wait for whoever it was who lived there.

To make a long story short, we were attacked by some frog like thing riding a giant slug. Apparently. At least, that’s how Devon chooses to remember it; the truth is that Devon fired the first shot with his crossbow. It was a warning shot, of course (read: exceptionally bad roll) and the resulting knock-down-drag-out fight was extremely… Slimy. Mainly because we were in a swamp, but also because the slug slimed us and tried to knock us down. Luckily I kept my footing. In the end, the frog creature was no match for us, and after the rest of the party had it cornered, Devon hit it with his Dark Beckoning power. And it died. Or, as I will tell the story forever, it died when I glared at it particularly hard. Apparently, Devon’s mind (and gaze) is just too powerful for a swamp dweller to handle.

We found one of the tazylewyrms sunning itself on a rock, near a rocky dam filled with dead bodies and brush. Devon volunteered to sneak up on it (“you wait here, Madame Clanks-a-lot,”) and reached out with his mind to goad it into attacking. The rest of the party quickly came to his aid, and it was lucky they did, since a second wyrm came out of the water…

Anyway. There were three fights, over several days in game, and I used my daily power in all of them – and laughed maniacally as I did. When your daily power involves transforming into a swarm of bat like shadows, the evil laugh is mandatory, regardless of your alignment. I ended every fight with an extra healing surge, which left me at full hit points without need of help from the cleric (just how I like it) and was pleased with my performance both as a player and a character. Long story short, the character is really fun to play and works pretty well. I’m very happy with him.

This was the first session in which I never became bloodied. It was also the first session in which no one else was knocked out of a fight at any point. Between the cleric and the paladin, we do a MUCH better job of surviving.

When the session ended we were up by around 1000 gold, and had started helping some Kobolds recover their missing “god,” – and we’re pretty close to convincing the kobolds that Ašra is stronger than their god and their shaman put together. At the end, though, this means that we’re still in a cave full of mites under a sycamore.

Ah, haha. Nearly forgot. Bonus story. When Devon found the hole (making a rather appropriate Princess Bride reference before announcing “I found a hole!” loudly,) Alebeard came over, asking, “where?” and promptly fell in. Much laughter resulted. I really enjoy role-playing with Alfred, he really gets into his character. Of course that character is usually a dwarf, but that’s part of the fun.

By next time we go back to Oleg’s, I expect to be wearing a new outfit made from Tazlyewyrm hide. I’m thinking boots, and something with a hood…


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