Now Experiencing Technical Difficulties

In a fit of rage, as I am wont to do, I decided to wipe out my OEM copy of Windows entirely and replace it with the copy of Windows 7 Professional I got during my computer science classes a year or two ago. (Incidentally, word to the wise: if you’re taking community college classes anyway, check to see if your college is part of the MSDN Academic Alliance, and if it is – sign up for something in the CS department that qualifies. Talk to the right teacher after that, and you can get all SORTS of stuff cheaply or free. Well worth it.)

So I’m having some minor issues caused by the wipe and restore and certain things just not being there yet. But overall, it went much smoother than it might have for a number of reasons.

For starters, I had the chance to back up the most important stuff to my external drive.

My browser data all syncs through Chrome, so my bookmarks and extensions were all restored when I signed in through Chrome.

Dropbox kept a lot of other data safe. made installing my most used free programs quick and easy.

And the nice folks at Lone Wolf Development were kind enough to offer me an early license reassignment.

So I’m pretty much back in business, now, or I will be once I re-install Photoshop.


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