Useful Link & Collected Research

Okay, I’ve been away a long time and I’m already frustrated by how many of my posts start out with “I’ve been away a long time.” I’m out of town at my Grandmother’s house helping her with my two younger cousins.

It’s kind of complicated and this isn’t the place for the whole story. So back to the RPG stuff.

I was doing some reading on my favorite website, TVTropes (TIME SINK AHOY) and found the following link:

Role-Playing Games Terms

Useful stuff when trying to explain the general concept of “RPG” to a new player, so I think I’ll be keeping this one.

And because I’ll be needing these for my upcoming stab at a sci-fi game session (as mentioned last post), I’ll be keeping them here. I’ll be toying with ideas for how I can approach this best, most likely using the Mutants and Masterminds system. Templates? Templates will probably be a good idea… and the addition of one or two optional rules will not hurt. Much.

I’ll most likely be running whatever it is somewhere from PL 5 to 8 and keeping the Hero point count fairly low to make the combats a little tougher.

I’ll either need templates for the major races or I’ll need to just have everyone play human for simplicity sake… mainly because only two of us (counting me) are familiar enough with the setting to know anything about them. Unless someone else has advice about that; it might be a silly concern.

Eh. That’s enough musing for now. I’ll get back to this when I have time.


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