In Hindsight

I needn’t have bothered. Our one other player dropped out that night, too, so there was no rpg to be had.

On the other hand, I have a new line of thinking based on a recent realization: Mass Effect is pretty wonderful, and with a few tweaks here and there it would make a pretty awesome basis for a good sci-fi pen and paper game.

I wonder if it’s worth thinking about.

The other sci-fi project I have on the brain is my take on Star Wars – because every sci-fi nerd HAS to one day answer the question, “knowing what you know now, is there anything about the Star Wars universe that you would have created differently (aside from the really obvious part about Midicholorians never existing)?” Of course bearing in mind once again that to my way of thinking, Star Wars isn’t sci-fi at all – it’s fantasy set against a sci-fi backdrop.

Right now, though, I’m really satisfied with Mass Effect 2. What a wonderful Space Opera … so much fun.


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