Transition Complete! Well, sort of. Also: game weekend!

Alright, the transition is in progress. The link to the old site now redirects to the new main page, and while I’m still not settled on my choice of WordPress themes, I’m reasonable satisfied with the move.

Here are a few of the reasons I made the jump from blogger to WordPress:

  • A cleaner user experience: while I don’t think my blogger was by any means unattractive or hard to navigate, most WordPress themes I’ve seen are like a breath of fresh air.
  • Support for the iPad: my recent purchase has left me feeling very unmotivated to go to the trouble of turning on my laptop. I was sorely disappointed by bloggers lack of support for my new mobile platform. WordPress works better both in browser and in the free WordPress app.
  • Jealousy: I keep hearing great things about the WordPress platform. It was about time I check to see if they were true.
  • Migrating the posts from the old blog was easy; as simple as pushing a button and punching in my blogger password. Getting the old URLs to redirect for each post … Harder. On the plus side, changing the feed URL was relatively simple, so in theory those of you who are subscribers should have been redirected here with no problems.

    Bear with me during this transition; I’ll do what I can to make things as smooth as possible.

    Extra sources of joy:

  • This weekend marks the beginning of a new D&D 4th edition game in which I will be playing (yay!). Maybe this will be enough to kickstart some new content…
  • Currently in the process of starting a new workout based on the one in The 4-Hour Body. I figured it’s about time I tried some stat optimization in the REAL world, and it sounded just weird enough to be worth testing. The first workout went very well; I’ll keep you posted.
  • Thanks for reading.


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