>As a side note…

>As I operate from my (mostly) complete hiatus, I find myself
contemplating whether to make the jump from blogger to WordPress.

Can anyone advise me on this decision, or will I be making it blind?


2 responses to “>As a side note…

  • EvilDM

    >I've looked at WordPress, and attracted to its 'clean' and 'fresh' look, I find its interface less user friendly than Blogspot's.At best I would liken them to PC vs Mac, WordPress being the Mac. Try it, play with it, but for me, I like the simplicity of Blogger, plus there is a part of me that is slightly too lazy to make the transition now that I have a couple of months worth of posting under my belt.But please let me know if you make that leap of faith, I'd be very interested to know how you get on and your thoughts on the two. :o)

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