>Followup on Wonder Woman’s Costume: They Fixed It!

>Well, sort of. It’s definitely better, though.

In an astounding case of what I’d like to call, “actually doing something intelligent,” NBC has apparently fixed nearly everything I disliked about the original Wonder Woman costume shots. You can find the full story (and gallery) here, but here’s one of the photos to give you the idea:

Note that these are set photos, rather than the early concept/promotional shot we looked at last time. I suspect that they may have leaked that photo deliberately, and that it was an early design that was intended to provoke feedback. 
If you look closely, you’ll notice that they answered nearly all of my specific issues, including: 
  1. They got rid of the horrible shiny blue for the pants.
  2. They brought back the iconic red boots (yay!) and restored the balance to the design. 
  3. They added the stars down the side, and it looks about as good as I’d have thought.
All in all, it’s not bad. In fact, it’s pretty darn good. I don’t think that costuming will be killing this show, after all. 
So, that leaves scripting and tone as possible dangers . . . Heh. 
I’ll admit, I’m still a little worried, but less worried now that I’ve seen these. Head over to io9 for the full gallery.

Let’s take a look at another concept, though, just for fun. Something like, maybe . . . this.

This image is not mine. Someone else
very clever designed it.

Just a thought. But of course, this has its own problems. Specifically, it’s far enough from the iconic costume that it wouldn’t be able to pass muster from large chunks of die-hard comic fans (the same thing that plagued Jim Lee’s redesign (which, by the way, I loved)). Secondly, it’s a little . . . Xena? I think it’s a little too Xena. I think it’s the brown quality to the red.

The skirt, though, is perfect. In my mind, if Wonder Woman isn’t going to be wearing pants, that skirt would be awesome. Very “Golden Age,” or Justice League: New Frontier. 

At the very least, it eliminates the problem of the outfit looking like a bathing suit.

Of course, if I recall, the skirt was ditched in the first place for reasons of political correctness (though how replacing it with short shorts was a step up for feminism, I have no idea). Maybe now would be a good time for it to make a comeback?


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