>Costume Critique: NBC’s new Wonder Woman


The official version…
If it is, in fact, official.
I realize that I’m jumping on a bandwagon here, but I had to say something. Assuming that this is, in fact, the real costume, I can’t keep my mouth shut. 
The new costume isn’t horrible . . . but it’s not great, either. It has a number of problems. The first (and biggest one) is that it looks like it’s made of cheap materials, like a Halloween costume. Of course, part of that is the lighting. The lighting on this is just dreadful – it’s too harsh and too bright. 
And while I’m in favor of Wonder Woman getting to wear pants . . . those pants would not be my first choice. And combining blue pants with blue boots is begging for trouble. The balance of colors is all wrong. There’s too much blue! 
I’m starting to see the perspective of the people who shouted and complained about Jim Lee’s redesign. Wonder Woman is an icon; you have to be very, very careful about what you do with something iconic. Changing Superman’s costume would be similarly problematic; remove the red trunks, for instance, and you have too much blue. Ditch the boots and you have the same problem. The most you could do with it is add some detail work in yellow in a few places, and maybe adjust the logo slightly (it’s the thing that’s probably changed the most over the years) – though the current logo has become so iconic in its own right that changing now would be a disaster. 
Post adjustments.
Boots have been recolored, and
the lighting has been altered.
I made a few tweaks when I first saw this in an attempt to correct my perceived problems. It still suffers a little (the pants still wind up looking a little too “tight latex,” for my tastes, and I suspect they’d be hell to fight in), but in a little less harsh lighting I think the blue would look okay. But something less plastic looking would be preferable. It would also be nice if the gold looked more . . . golden. 
I’d also issue a mild complaint that it’s missing some of the more . . . “patriotic,” elements. Some white stars (well placed) wouldn’t be amiss. Perhaps on the outside of the pant legs, where they would be the least . . . suggestive. 
Now, granted. Wonder Woman is a difficult costume to translate to the real world and the screen (harder even than Captain America, though it looks like they’ve managed that one pretty handily). But basic issues of balancing the colors out should not be the thing that kills it! 
I guess we’ll see if the show can succeed where The Cape failed . . . but if this is any indicator of the overall quality, I fear greatly. 
I’ll get back to that session recap later. Just wanted to give my two cents on this now. 

2 responses to “>Costume Critique: NBC’s new Wonder Woman

  • Tourq

    >While I think she definitely adds a hotness to the costume, I can't imagine that she or the costume are any kind of official.

  • Jonathan

    >One can only wish that the costume is unofficial. Sadly, there has been nothing from NBC indicating anything other than this being a costume shot. Maybe it's an early one, and they haven't finished it yet? That sounds hopeful. The woman in the costume is Adrianne Palicki, and she's definitely real (officially cast as Wonder Woman). Which lends an unfortunate credibility to the costume itself… I don't have a problem with her (yet), but they need to put her in something with a little more quality.

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