>In Which I Do Not Regret Giving Up on Pathfinder

>I was over at my buddy’s house this weekend, and got to overhear the details about their regular Pathfinder game that they play with their Granddad. They played Saturday night. Now, some of you may wonder why I did not join them; I’ve already written enough about just how much their DM (and half their player base) frustrated me, and why I would not sit down at that table if they paid me at this stage. Not that I have anything particularly against Pathfinder, you understand. The players I’ve had the pleasure of meeting online are all very nice people, and some of them even make it sound like fun.

Unfortunately this group seems big on the parts of the game that make it sound like work, rather than play, and remind me of the fact that these are people who like World of Warcraft, and who think that it’s great fun, even the parts that involve running around and digging up rocks and gems and plants so that they can craft stuff (Which is a lengthy way of saying that if 4th Edition D&D HAD been like WoW on paper I probably would never have played it. Again, no offense intended to WoW players; it’s just not my kind of fun).

They sat down and attempted to start playing around 6. The game ended at 10 or 11, I’m not sure which, and I was told by my buddy that they’d spent only 2 hours of that playing – because they had to finalize their characters and finish leveling up, which they’d already spent a good chunk of the day doing …

It was at this point that any regrets I’d had about giving up Pathfinder flew out the window, and I gave serious thought to giving up D&D as a whole. Of course, it’s hard to give up something you’re already not doing. But really. I want to focus on games that demand less of me outside of the game. Because when I get to the table, I just want to play! 

D&D 4th Edition isn’t bad, but it can get a little intensive in that regard. I don’t know if I’ll quit entirely, but I won’t be spending as much time or effort on it in the future – especially since I have few enough people to play with! The irony being that I’ve been following the blogs on Wizards.com, and they’re pretty fantastic – if you’re into that kind of thing.

Mutants and Masterminds: a premium spent on the initial character creation process, well worth it when you can basically KEEP mostly the same character for the duration of a campaign with relatively few major changes. Gameplay is streamlined, the resource management element is out of my hair, narrative focus… This system will likely keep the majority of my attention. It has the most of what I want with the least effort spent on the parts I don’t enjoy. Oh, and the new random generator from the GM toolkit makes creating a quick character an easy breeze.

ICONS, Fate, and Risus will likely make up the rest. Fate, in particular, needs a bit more of my attention – I need to give it a proper RPG week at some point, now that I’ve got my hardcover copy of Strands of Fate.

Don’t worry, D&D fans: I’m not going to abandon you entirely.

My biggest problem related to this blog has always been that I have too much time spent reading about games, and not nearly enough time spent playing them (a problem that I gather a lot of RPG bloggers run into), so in the immediate future I’ll be taking steps to remedy THAT problem. After that, we’ll see.

Thanks for listening.


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