>Remember Gary

>A few years ago today, Gary Gygax, founder of our hobby, passed on. Hiatus or no, I can’t let that pass without acknowledgment. The world lost something important that day, and we all honor his memory whenever we play; whenever we roll the dice to see if we’re getting drunk, whenever we cast Magic Missile, whenever two elves, a human, and a dwarf walk into a tavern to see a halfling about a job and someone says, “This sounds like a joke”; wherever Dragonborn or Eladrin do battle; heck, even when we turn our eyes to other games like Call of Cthulhu or Mutants and Masterminds, we thank the guy who first looked at a wargame and thought, “hey, what if we just played one guy? What if we used that to tell stories with our friends? Wouldn’t that be fun?”

So, thank you, Gary Gygax. Rest in peace.


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