>Just played Portal…

>Man, now I want to work Aperture Science into my next campaign… for now though, enjoy this kinetic typography featuring GLaDOS.


2 responses to “>Just played Portal…

  • Jonathan

    >Heheheheh… Okay, in brief, the premise of Portal: you are a test subject who is awoken in the laboratories of Aperture Science by GLaDOS, the computer system who runs the labs. There are no other people in the laboratories, a fact which isn't really directly explained in the game, but it becomes evident at some point that GLaDOS took control of the lab quite some time ago, and sealed it off from the outside world – the post apocalyptic world of Half-life (including Black Mesa, the site of some kind of monster/mutant outbreak). Anyway, GLaDOS forces you through a series of tests where you take advantage of portals and the Portal Gun to solve them, alternating between kind of vaguely helpful and gleefully psychotic. She holds out the promise of cake and grief counseling as your reward for navigating the puzzles successfully. At one point she throws you into a live fire course designed for combat androids because your "proper" test chamber is "undergoing scheduled maintenance" – and all you have is a portal gun and some heavy objects. Later the promise changes to, "You will be baked, and then there will be cake." You find crazed writing scrawled over and over again in a little alcove where you aren't supposed to be able to go, repeating over and over, "The cake is a lie."GLaDOS, naturally, turns out to be insincere and unstable, and your escape from the course leads to you having to fight the computer – again, using only a portal gun and your wits. The song is your reward for beating GLaDOS, unlocking the bittersweet ending that sets up Portal 2, and then sitting through the end credits. And despite GLaDOS's attempt to kill you, it turns out that the cake may not have been a lie after all.

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