>Why things have been slow lately


The answer, my friends, is that word dreaded by all who frequent the campus collegiate – the dreaded midterms. Horror! Terror!
Okay, that, and I’m honestly just feeling really burned out on pretty much everything right now, and the sudden flareup of a rather nasty cold right before both a) midterms and b) my plans for Valentine’s Day weekend with the girlfriend have not helped matters.
My DM has kindly offered to run a game of M&M 3e for me if I can write up a character, and while I have a pretty good idea of roughly what I’ll wind up playing (some kind of arcane blend between John Constantine, the new Dr. Strange, and Patrick Jane from The Mentalist (not that the idea of Patrick Jane with superpowers isn’t kind of a God-mode Sue – with that many ranks in Deception and Insight, he can pretty much bend reality as it is!) in a kind of pulp detective/police drama/World of Darkness sort of setting) my brain is far too shot to actually focus on the idea long enough to generate mechanics for it. At this rate, I’ll wind up playing a re-skinned Batman instead. 
Or, heck, just actually playing Batman. That could be fun. I have always wanted to take that Batmobile for a spin… 
Yes, even the Adam West, “Atomic Batteries to Power” Batmobile. Come on, doesn’t it look a little awesome?
Turbines to speed! Holy bubble-windows, Batman!
So yeah, there it is. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go back to asking deities for healing. I could sure use some of that, “healing light of Pelor,” right about now… 

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