>The Pulse of Gaming: New Columns on WoTC


We interrupt this program to bring you a very special report. 
For those unaware of the pulse of the gaming world, things have been a little bit up-in-arms the last few days over Wizard’s of the Coast’s announced cancellation of several of their upcoming books – as well as the termination of Dragon and Dungeon magazine in online compilation format. But I’m not here to comment about that. I don’t have the historical connection with either title to feel I can rightly comment on the issue.
What I DO feel I can comment on, is this announcement, published today. In which Bart Caroll states on behalf of WoTC, 

“We feel we can do a better job communicating more regularly and consistently. To this end, we’re planning to bring a series of regular, weekly columns to the site. They’ll be free and in addition to the content we’re currently providing. Our goal with these columns is to create an ongoing dialogue with D&D fans, presenting thoughts and ideas that we feel are touchstones for segments of the community, and helping spark discussion on topics of interest to you. 

What columns are we adding? Here they are:
  • Legends & Lore: Each week, RPG Group Manager Mike Mearls will examine certain elements behind the D&D’s past editions and influences, and how they inform the game today. Think of this one as game theory.
  • The Dungeon Master Experience: D&D Senior Producer Chris Perkins will use his ongoing home campaign as a tool to give Dungeon Masters awesome ideas and hooks for their home campaigns. Think of this one as game practice.
  • Design & Development: Not a new column, but it will increase in frequency from monthly to weekly. We’ll be looking around the entire R&D department to find contributors best suited to handle each topic. 
  • Rule-of-Three: Our community team will regularly round up three questions from you, the player community (the details of how will announced shortly). Again, we’ll convene all of R&D to bring you answers to your questions—every week.”
And one more column, yet to be announced, that they’re still experimenting on. Emphasis in paragraph one added.
I don’t know what everyone else in the gaming community thinks about this, but I would see this as a HUGE step in the right direction for Wizard’s – almost enough to make up for the more negative announcements they’ve made lately. WoTC has been hiding a lot of their best content behind a pay-wall where new players (and DMs with limited funding) can’t really get at it and see what all the hype is about. But this? Free content available regularly with actual insight into what the heck they’re thinking? This is just good news. Exciting, even! We’ll let you know when there are further developments. 
This has been a very special report. We now return you to your regularly scheduled broadcasting. 

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