>Adamant Entertainment’s new pricing model


This is bouncing around the blogosphere like mad, and somehow I missed it until recently: Adamant Entertainment, publisher of a number of 3rd party supplements for d20 games, has announced that they’re changing the way they price their PDF’s – possibly permanently. 
They’re calling it, “App-Pricing,” based on the success of the App – a small, easily packaged product released for a low impact price. What’s more interesting is what else they say. Here’s a quote from the press release: 

A lot of media producers talk a lot about “piracy” — how to stop it, how to get around it, how to design their businesses to deal with it. This is folly. People want to support the things that they enjoy, and overwhelmingly prefer safe, legitimate sources to do so — as long as you make in [sic] convenient and make it reasonably priced. That’s all there is — there’s no stopping unauthorized file sharing, and it’s ridiculous to tailor your business to try and address it. Companies should instead spend their effort figuring out ways to make it easier for customers to purchase… which is what we feel our new experiment allows. 

Every PDF product in their line has been slashed in price to $1. This isn’t a sale. This is a very dramatic change in pricing policy, and I’m all for it. I figured it was about time I picked up Steve Kenson’s Icons – at $1 it’s a bargain and then some, and what have I got to lose? I’ll probably write about it later when I have time to look at it in more depth, but it looks fun. 
Anyway, back to the point: Go visit the Adamant Entertainment store at RPGNow. Check out their list of products, and if you see something you like, buy it. The more people who support this now, the more likely other groups will see the success of the model and adopt something similar. This would be fantastic news for the hobby as a whole. 
Adamant Entertainment; I salute you! 

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