>Gross Misnomers and failed Nomenclature


I don’t know why I never stopped to think about this before, but why is the Death Star called a Battle Station? Or Space Station? Or any number of other such things?
Yes, I know it’s huge, and bigger than anything else ever built in its universe, but, here’s the thing: it’s mobile, and therefore, by definition, fails to be a space station by virtue of not being stationary.
Stays in one place, or put another way, is stationary (within an orbit). Deep Space 9 is a space station.
Also the home of a soap opera set in the Star Trek universe, but so what? šŸ™‚

Again, like a good space station, stays in roughly the same area of space, apart from the path of its orbit. Relatively stationary; is a space station. The International Space Station, to be exact. 
This thing? That’s no moon… but it’s mobile. It moves between star systems. It is, therefore, a really huge spherical battle ship with a giant planet exploding gun on it. Not a space station!
Minor rant over. You may now return to your regularly scheduled programing.

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