>Gareth the Hellknight: Steal this Character


Gareth, a massive human built like a siege tower, enforces the laws of Wyvernfell’s new masters. 
Gareth is one of the Hellknights, the long, foreboding arm of the law in his home region. It isn’t easy, but in spite of the fear they inspire in the general populace, the streets have never been safer. Or so Gareth tells himself.
The truth of the matter is, Wyvernfell is corrupt and always has been, from the lowest beggar to the highest magistrate, and the fact that the laws of the region were written after extensive study of Hells idea of “justice” can’t possibly be helping matters. It was far too easy for the diabolists to take over and impose their new order upon the town. Gareth was one of the ones who cooperated to protect his family, and he was rewarded with the opportunity to serve. 
Though not a worshiper of Asmodeus, and certainly not an evil man, Gareth was forced to give lip service to his patronage upon entry to the black armored order of the Hellknights, and to acknowledge the authority of hell in unleashing punishment. He never speaks of his own faith, for it is forbidden within his nations borders, and has been since Wyvernfell was conquered by the force he now serves. 
Gareth finds himself in a horrid position. While he does not agree with every law of the nation, he must enforce them. It’s the only way he can be sure to keep his wife and family safe. Every night he can, he returns to his home, and reminds himself why he does what he does, trying to find peace with the things he sees in the line of duty. His wife affectionately calls him, “Tinman,” but he knows even she fears what he does – whether it’s him she’s afraid of, or of those who could harm him, or of the job itself, he is never certain. Still, their relationship is strong, and will survive. 
Despite these nightly assurances that he’s doing the right thing, something gnaws at his conscience and tells him that there must be a better way. That one day, he will be in the position to make that way a reality. Will he have the strength to act on his convictions when the moment arises?
Until then, Wyvernfell must be cleansed. Corruption lies behind every door, criminals and assassins lurk in every shadow, and evil must be punished as only hell can. 
Stand, Hellknight. Evil never sleeps.


The Hellknights are borrowed from Paizo’s primary campaign setting and their home region of Westcrown. The concept of the government they serve and their hellish order was just too perfect to pass up. Kudos to Paizo for exceptional writing, as always; whatever I might feel about their mechanics, their world flavor demands to be used or exported. Anything to do with the Pathfinder Campaign Setting is well worth a read, so READ IT. 

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