>Steal This Background: Nox, Changeling Assassin


How do you know who you are when you can be anyone? 
This is the problem Nox faces every day. A year ago, Nox was found on the outskirts of Wyvernfell by a local woman, knowing almost nothing of how he got there, where he’d come from, or who he was. Being a changeling only compounded the issues surrounding his amnesia – when you can change your face as easily as you change your shirt, it’s not easy to remember anything about who you were.
He learned fairly quickly that he knew how to do one thing, and well; he knew how to kill. The hunt came easy to him, and the first memories to surface were his intimate knowledge of poisons. The sight of law enforcement made him instantly uncomfortable. This all raised even more uncomfortable questions for Nox. Who was he before? And did he really want to know?

The truth was murkier than even he could guess at. Nox used to be the number one assassin in the region, before he was set up by the rest of his guild. He was caught, convicted, sentenced, and forgotten. But all this was a lifetime ago, and Nox remembers none of it. How long will it take his past to catch up to him – especially once he starts working again?
In the meantime, he had a cause. His friend and rescuer was in serious financial trouble, indentured to one of the local thieves guilds. He started by setting up a network of false identities, and then put himself out there for his first job. With his talent for assassination and espionage, he had the marketable skills to earn her freedom. While he was at it, he might just be able to uncover his past – and maybe, just maybe, bring some positive political change to the region. 
Wyvernfell was a mess, but it’s his home, now. It was time to put his stamp on it.

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