>One More Day. . .

>I’m still mad at Joe Quesada. In fact, I’ve taken to blaming him for random negative events that he couldn’t have been involved in if he tried. Line too long at the supermarket? Quesada’s fault. Girlfriend trouble? Probably Quesada’s fault – after all, he doesn’t believe good stories can be told about HAPPY relationships.

And I know, it’s been over a year, and I should just get over it, but it’s still mind bogglingly horrifying to me that a character I spent a good deal of my childhood looking up to has, in effect, been destroyed by a retcon. Worse, a demonic retcon. And what’s more, Quesada claims that it was done because Spider-man’s fans “couldn’t relate to him” before.

Um . . . I don’t know about the rest of Spider-man’s fans, but I related to him a lot better before he swapped his gorgeous wife to the devil in exchange for his ancient dead aunt, bachelorhood, and his old friend with the silly hair (Harry Osborn). I can’t think of anything that would make me trade the relationship I’m in away, and I’m not even married!

And the rationale? Basically, Quesada’s told me that I’m not a ‘real’ fan of the character, because I disagree with him. And he’s destroyed a key part of my childhood in a very unpleasant way. There’s a certain part of me that feels the man might as well have driven to my house, asked, “Have you been a fan of Spider-man for the last 15 years or so?” And when he received an affirmative answer, proceeded to punch me in the mouth and take my lunch money.

I don’t care what the comic-book companies say about this; Retcons are basically bad. This is also true in role-playing games, as a rule; players generally don’t like it when the GM decided to suddenly change their history. Unless, you know, they’ve discussed it first . . . OR it’s part of an alternate timeline thing. I’m cool with alternate timelines; I liked the Ultimate universe for the most part (with some obvious exceptions); I still love Elseworlds and Marvel’s “What If?” series.

A great story idea; agree with one character that you change a key element of their history, something that has a big impact on the campaign, and give the players a chance to figure it out and restore things to normal . . . or otherwise muck with the timeline if they aren’t careful.

Just a thought.


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