>First Sessions:

>I remember mine rather vividly. The first time I ever played D&D was a Living Greyhawk module with what had to be one of the oddest parties I’ve ever been in. It included two elven wizards, a druid, a nymphomaniac halfling rogue, some kind of fighter type I barely remember, and me; a 1st level sorcerer who had managed to delude himself into thinking he was actually a Favored Soul of Pelor.

What the point of the story was, I couldn’t tell you after all this time – I think we were supposed to recover something that someone had stolen and give it back to someone else? There were really a few events I remember with clarity, though.

First, the trip there, which featured a very, very disturbing series of events in which our halfling rogue decided to, shall we say, sell herself out to the half orc captain of the ship . . . and the grey-elven wizard enthusiastically declared himself her ‘pimp.’ This provoked a number of disturbing mental images, needless to say.

Second, having arrived there we were approached by dark elves trying to get us to sell them the object instead. Yeeaaah, you know what they say about considering the source . . . by this point I was roleplaying the straight part instead of the more ‘comedic’ role I’d intended because I knew that if I didn’t, no one else would and we’d be there all day.

Third; one of the party wizards decided to turn on us part way through the mod, on the grounds that he was Lawful Neutral and the Lawful Evil government of the region was the legitimate authority. He was the highest level character in the party, but we knocked him out and left him tied up in a barrel.

And fourth, during the final battle, which we won despite being short both the highest level caster AND the aforementioned rogue, was ended by a critical hit from a summoned celestial monkey. Yeah. As it turned out, the monster we were fighting had 1 hit point left, and the monkey rolled a critical for 2 points of damage.

I also remember spending most of the last fight bleeding and hoping the druid would heal me. You’d think I’d have known better than to play a 1st level caster in what was for me a one shot game. . .

And oddly enough, in spite all that weirdness, it was still a fun experience.

What was your first time like?


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